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Colic Symptoms

Baby or infantile colic is a type of condition that affects babies, typically characterized by uncontrollable crying and gastrointestinal problems. The condition is mainly defined as episodes of crying that happens for more than three hours per day for more than three days out of the week in healthy two week to four month old [...]

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The main reasons behind baby colic

Colic is mainly known as a crying attack and, in most cases, abdominal pain in young infants. It’s a common condition that’s known to affect at least 20 percent of babies in their first few months of life. Babies are known to cry for a variety of reasons, which can include hunger, tiredness, cold or [...]

So, what is baby colic?

What is colic? The condition known as infant colic is defined by an infant’s uncontrollable and often unexplained crying that can last for more than 3 hours per day, during at least three days per week for more than three weeks. Many colicky babies are known to become especially fussy at the end of the day, though it’s know [...]

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