The First Years Colic Massage Pad Review

The First Years Colic Massage PadOverview
Many physical products exist on the current market to help parents with their colicky infants from days-long symptoms. As natural treatments, these products get rid of symptoms without the effects of medications. While it doesn’t work for everyone, these products can provide immediate, and sometimes, soothing results for infants.

The First Years Colic Massage Pad is one of these products. This battery operated massage pad works to relieve colic symptoms. As a massage pad, it operates in a circular motion to help a child calm down when crying. When in operation, The First Years Colic Massage Pad produces white noises and vibrations that are said to help calm a colic baby.

As a product for small children, The First Years Colic Massage Pad is made from washable fabric that can easily be cleaned if dirtied from accidental spills. It’s also relatively light (about 1 pound), so parents shouldn’t have trouble carrying around this product with their child. The First Years Colic Massage Pad requires four AA batteries to work.


green tick pro The First Years Colic Massage Pad provides immediate relief for colicky babies and their parents. It provides an an organic solution that some parents may have been looking for as an alternative to medication.

green tick pro The battery-operated First Years Colic Massage Pad relieves colic symptoms with its innovative circular vibrations; the white noise produced by this product also helps soothe and calm colicky babies.

green tick pro The First Years Colic Massage Pad mainly helps treat digestive issues in babies that can cause them to experience colic symptoms. Parents can lie their child onto this pad, sometimes on a blanket that’s placed on top of this product, to help them calm down from the symptoms of colic.

green tick pro Although the First Years Colic Massage Pad doesn’t help cure colic, it’s a formidable product that helps relieve infants from some of the more uncomfortable symptoms.
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negative cross proParents who bought the First Years Colic Massage Pad have mentioned that this product only works ‘some of the time.’ Although it worked to help soothe their children somewhat, it wasn’t exactly reliable as a concrete treatment for colic.

negative cross proSome parents think that it’s too small to properly treat colic symptoms in their child. Others expressed some disappointment in purchasing this product, as it didn’t work as much as they assumed it would.



The First Years Colic Massage Pad is a good enough product to help parents treat colic in their children. While it doesn’t provide a guaranteed treatment solution for colic, it can help parents relieve some of the worst symptoms in their child.

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