Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit Review

Little Remedies New Parents' Survival KitOverview
There isn’t a guaranteed solution for resolving a child’s colic symptoms, though there are many over the counter treatment options for parents to try. Whether all natural or soothing medication, it’s a trial and error process for most parents to find the right colic treatment that makes their child feel much better.

Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit was designed to help parents essentially have one resource to help treat their colic baby in the case of them becoming afflicted with colic symptoms. This ‘survival kit’ by Little Remedies provides enough tools and medication to help relieve infants at the first sign of discomfort caused by fever, stomach aches, nasal congestion, colds and/or allergy symptoms.

The Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit includes the Little Remedies for Noses (for treating nasal congestion), Little Remedies for Tummies (for stomach discomfort and colic symptoms) and the Little Remedies Infant Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever (for reducing fevers and/or pain). Each Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit comes with a carrying case to allow parents to carry their own survival kit to treat their child at any time.



green tick pro These products featured in the Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit are gentle and safe enough for infants to take. Little Remedies products are formulated with all natural ingredients, and they don’t use more than a few ingredients in their formulations. As a result, they have produced a line of products that haven’t had their medicinal integrity compromised by filler or unnatural ingredients.

green tick pro The products within the Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit act quickly, as noted by many reviewers. One reviewer noted that the product has ‘been a lifesaver at times,’ since it helps parents save time on running out to buy medications and other treatment products when their child isn’t feeling well.

green tick pro The gentle nature of the products in this package is also attractive to parents. They’re suitable for young infants to use and each product works to relieve them of symptoms from many conditions.

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negative cross proSome products in the Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit might not be age appropriate, notably the included nasal decongestant, which is more suitable for toddlers.

negative cross proSome parents commented about unnecessary products included in the Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit. They suggested alternative products, such as Little Remedies fever reducer (acetaminophen) for small children, which could have enriched the product more to their liking. Other cons included the large packaging, as some parents felt that it could have been more compact.



The Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kit is a well liked ‘baby survival kit’ for new parents, since it gives them everything they need for treating their child in one convenient place. Although some products in this kit aren’t necessary for infants, it’s still great to give a new parent as a special gift.

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