About this Blog

Do you have an infant that just won’t stop crying? Did they start crying without any visible reason? Are you out of options for relieving your infant from their excessive crying? If you find yourself in this same predicament, your child likely has a case of colic.

Have you ever heard the phrase colicky baby? When you hear the phrase, it probably makes you feel a little nervous, doesn’t it? And, that’s okay.

About Colic

Colic, as a common condition that affects many infants today, isn’t as scary as it seems. When it happens, though, it can scare and even exhaust parents who are doing everything they can to make their child feel better.

Colic is actually an unexpected condition that occurs in infants, generally a few weeks after they’re born. There’s no real cause for colic, either. And, thanks to that, colic can seemingly affect a child for a wide variety of reasons.

Despite that, colic symptoms do go away after a while—usually after about six weeks have passed. By three to four months, the condition completely subsides. About 5 to 25 percent of infants experience colic in the early months of their life not to mention, colic has no effect on an infant’s life after they experience it.

Colic is essentially harmless to infants, though that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t harm the livelihood of both parent and child. Thanks to that, it’s important to find ways to relive your child and yourself during their bouts of colic-induced crying and distress.


About Colicky Baby – Your Colic Resource

There are plenty of solutions to help relieve infants and even parents of colic. Colicky Baby, my blog, was started to help address the issues and solutions that parents have with colicky babies.

I wanted to make a resource where parents can immediately find all of the information that they need in one place and without having to spend a lot of time search the web for the right answer.

Here, you will find plenty of information about how to treat a colic baby, what might cause colic and reviews for colic relieving products that might work for your child. When it comes to resolving problems related to colic, it’s important to read information formatted in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to follow.

That’s why I started Colicky Baby as a ‘one stop’ resource for parents who want to find ways to relieve their child’s colic without feeling nervous or pressured by finding the information they need. If you need information about colic today, feel free to start reading!